Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fried Brinjal with meat floss

I had this brinjal in on of the HK restaurant in town. I love it so much. Come home n try together with the Buah Keluak O Buah Palau in Indonesia. I purposely go to the wet market in Indonesia to get this Buah Keluak n ask my Untie n my mom to show me how to cook this traditional things. I remember when I was very young my grandmother use to cook this buah keluak, and 1 time eeeeeeee she accidentally cut her own finger. The worst part she is using salt to get her wond heal!!!!!!! So everyone out there no matter what I must learn this dish.

Fried Brinjal with Meat Floss.

Cut Brinjal into 2 inches long, I'm using rice flour with ice water only to deep fried the brinjal. Once done just sprinkle meat floss and fried onion on top. It is a very simply but tasty dish.

Pound Red onion , Dried chilli, lemon grass and galangah together. Fried all the pounded ingredients till fragrants. Add in pork ribs and buah keluak continue to fried for few mins. Add in dried tamarine with a bowl of water. Simmer it for 45mins to 1 hour. Yummy!!!!! If my grandma is with us I'm sure she will be pround of us to cook this traditional dish. Muahahaha!!!!!