Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheesy Cheese Cake

I made this for my mom birthday last nite. It taste sweet and abit salty from the cheddar Cheese. I try to look for strawberry but I couldn't get it. To me I think strawberry deco looks much better than grapes. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kam Hiong Fried Prawn

Sea coconut & Longan with selasih

I made as a dessert for last day of CNY 2009 which is chap goh meh! It's a very simply and easy dessert. I bought can sea coconut and longan. I just add in plain water ice and selasih. Selasih is basil tree seeds. It is tasteless but it is good for some health reason. If I'm not wrong it is good for those who have high blood probelm.

Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 CNY Reunion dinner FOOD!

Happy blessed Xin Nian to all of you out there! I know i'm late but it is better then never ; )


Strawberry mousse cake

Haw mousse cake (San Cha)

This is for my dad birthday! The mousse is made of blended Haw flakes. But to me it is too sweet. It is good for sweet tooth person like my mom. She said it is very nice.

My princess birthday!!!


Sorry for not update my blog recently. I'm away for CNY! before CNY I'm busy with a lot of things. Will post to you all soon.


Cup cakes for my princess birthday as a gift for all the children to bring home.


And this is her simple birthday cake with o the renovation at before CNY. We are doing our toilet renovation with o the hacking and drilling I make this in an hour time. I'm glad she is happy. May be it the mascot of Md D!: )  I made 2 have made cakes after her birthday. Not 2, 3 including 1 2 tiers wedding cake. Will post as soon as I can after arranging all the photos