Monday, September 22, 2008

Pickled Papaya

This is pickle papaya with dried sour plum. Get a unripe papaya slice it with a slicer add salt leave it for few minutes, squeeze the remaining water out, dry under the sun For a while. Finally add sugar, bit of salt and dried sour plum.

Ang Chow Pork Ribs

This is very easy and delicious food for those who love wine dish! If I'm not wrong it is a Foochow dish. Ang Chow is a left over rice that people made rice wine. I ever saw it at supermarket. Normally they use to cook with Chicken. My Friend introduce me with pork ribs n it taste yummy! Oooh I'm hungry when I think of it!
Fry Slice ginger with Sesame oil until fragrant. Add in Pork Ribs or Chicken continue to fry finally add in Ang Chow and salt to taste. It is as easier as that. add a bit of water or red wine if its too dry.

Moon Cakes!

This is Mango Snow Skin Moon Cake. I love anything with mango. I did Strawberry flavour too but still think mango taste better. Florence finally I'm using the cups that you bought for me. Thanks! Will make Cupcakes this week for Jes to bring for her picnic. Hmmm thinking what cupcake baking cups should I use?
12o g Ko Fun 
50 g Shortening
120 g Icing Sugar
140 ml Warm water
1 tsp of Mango Flavour
Mix Ko Fun, Shortening and Icing Sugar together. Add in warm water and stir until a dough is formed. Divide each portion  into 40g. Roll into thin layer, then wrap in 80g filling. Sprinkle some Ko Fun inti the mould before placing the dough into the mould and press tightly. Remove and cool in the fridge for 2 hours.
Moon Cake Stuff with Meat Floss

Monday, September 8, 2008

Praise the Lord! I did it!!!!

Look at their smile. I'm so happy to see they smile!!! Heeew !!! I'll post more of the cake when i get the photos cos my camera is running out of battery. It's a lovely wedding, lovely couple the deco and the admosfier is so wonderful. Thanks you Dyan for that convience smile! Even though I told you not to laugh the hold nite!!! Hahaha! 

Wonderful Deco on every tables.

Lovely n tasty cupcakes for everyone. Done by the bride's friend.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Something very challenging today my cousins wedding tomorrow!!!!! Guess what? She ask me to halp her to deco her wedding cake with fondant! Cross my finger hope she and her famly like it. When I think back I don know why I say yes. But I know when I say yes I have confidents! But I still pray for God wisdom and guide my hand. heheheheh!!!! Defenately will post my pix

Winter Melon Soup

Me and my daughter love soup. This is one of our favourite one! Almost everyday we have soup at home. I bought beat root today. Will post up as soon as I can.
;Winter melon cut into bite size, Pork Ribs and dried red date boil for an hour.

Chai Po Tao Fu

Just stir fried chai po with ground pork add chopped chili mon love to add with osyter sauce. Spinkle with coriander will taste better.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fried Brinjal with meat floss

I had this brinjal in on of the HK restaurant in town. I love it so much. Come home n try together with the Buah Keluak O Buah Palau in Indonesia. I purposely go to the wet market in Indonesia to get this Buah Keluak n ask my Untie n my mom to show me how to cook this traditional things. I remember when I was very young my grandmother use to cook this buah keluak, and 1 time eeeeeeee she accidentally cut her own finger. The worst part she is using salt to get her wond heal!!!!!!! So everyone out there no matter what I must learn this dish.

Fried Brinjal with Meat Floss.

Cut Brinjal into 2 inches long, I'm using rice flour with ice water only to deep fried the brinjal. Once done just sprinkle meat floss and fried onion on top. It is a very simply but tasty dish.

Pound Red onion , Dried chilli, lemon grass and galangah together. Fried all the pounded ingredients till fragrants. Add in pork ribs and buah keluak continue to fried for few mins. Add in dried tamarine with a bowl of water. Simmer it for 45mins to 1 hour. Yummy!!!!! If my grandma is with us I'm sure she will be pround of us to cook this traditional dish. Muahahaha!!!!!