Monday, September 22, 2008

Ang Chow Pork Ribs

This is very easy and delicious food for those who love wine dish! If I'm not wrong it is a Foochow dish. Ang Chow is a left over rice that people made rice wine. I ever saw it at supermarket. Normally they use to cook with Chicken. My Friend introduce me with pork ribs n it taste yummy! Oooh I'm hungry when I think of it!
Fry Slice ginger with Sesame oil until fragrant. Add in Pork Ribs or Chicken continue to fry finally add in Ang Chow and salt to taste. It is as easier as that. add a bit of water or red wine if its too dry.


  1. Ok, this one you must teach me (husband foochow-mah, need to know at least ONE Foochow dish right?)... heh heh...

  2. Ang Chow is a left over Rice that people use to make rice wine. If u can fine that at ur place. It is very easy to cook. The Method of cooking is on my blog.