Thursday, April 23, 2009



Teo Chiew Moon Cake

Teo Chiew Moon Cake with yam and lotus paste. I know it's too early for this but getting ready for this festive.  It taste so crispy and I'll try to add on something to make it perfect the next round.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nyonya Asam Chicken


Ta Daaah!

Durian Flowers! Yummy yummy! It is so nice to fried it with belacan or ulam with sambal belacan and coconut milk. This is what happen after an hour sitting down on the floor cleaning the flowers. It took us 2 hours sitting down there to clean everything up.
Having fun with the unused flower stem/cover. I don know how do they call that cos it look strange from the normal flower. And this is what we got! Hahaha!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess What is this?

Anyone Know what is this? Hehehe! Its a flower of king of the fruit. Yes it Durian flower! We went to my friend fruit farm few weeks back and we gonna have the fallen flowers fried with shrimp paste (Belacan) or cook it in ulam style. Yummy! I'm drooling now!

Weird day!

When I reach home one afternoon. I walk out from the car and look up the sky it is so weird! One part of the sky is so hot and shiny day and another part is so dark with thunder roaming! Alot of time in life we face things that we never expect. But we force to face even though we cannot take it.

Pandan coconut lapis cake

This cakes is soft, moist and fluffy it taste good because of the coconut milk and the panda paste bland just so well. Mmmm May be I should consider to sell this on festive season! Muahahaha!

Green Tea Lapis Cake

Green tea lapis nice rustic green color. I love the color its unique n lovely!