Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher's Day and Fancy Dress competition!

Happy teacher's day to all the teachers out there! Today my daughter are celebrating teacher's day and fancy dress competition at school today. I crack my head for whole week and don know what to get for her teacher. As usual me last minute. Yesterday evening I decided to make cupcakes for her lovely teacher. Both her teacher and assistant teacher are so sweet and lovely. So I decided to make a sweet and lovely color for both of them.

MyPrincess costume "Recycle Bin"
She won her self a 2nd place. She is so happy and puzzled When her name was call. I'm shock too. Cos there are a lots of beautyful costumes. We just let her join to build up her self confidence on stage and have fun. We never expect to be won! Praise the Lord for this moment. Because before the competition start few little girls are laughing at her saying she is wearing a box.(Cos most of them dress up themself and putting make-up) And she come to me and says" mummy I don 1 2 wear anymore cos they are laughing at me saying I'm wearing a BOX" I replied her but your teachers says it is so special that is different from others. And I told her let them laugh it's ok cos we can't stop them from saying anything. May be they are jealous of you. Then she felt so much convince. Poor baby she had fever too this morning!
I love the caterpillar on the left It is sooooo beautiful! The light bup is the 60 min earth day!


  1. Are you a single mum??

  2. yes i am and i just wanna say i am proud that u are such a good mum doing such a good job to your girl.. sorry if u get my question wrong way...

  3. Can Someone help me to answer this type of question!